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More photos of Gaga and Tony Bennett by Steven Klein

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Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga

"Three years after the release of their first collaboration “The Lady Is A Tramp”, Tony Bennett & Lady Gaga are back with a brand new collaboration – a full album of classic jazz standards: Cheek To Cheek. Tony & Gaga became fast friends after meeting backstage at a charity gala in early 2011, and the start of their musical love affair was captured in the rousing and vibrant rendition of “Tramp” that appeared on Tony’s Grammy Award-winning album Duets II."

Visit the official “Cheek To Cheek” website

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my mum just told me to “stop being so depressed all the time”


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lady gaga’s dog is wearing my college tuition around her neck


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July 27th, 2014: Arriving at her apartment in New York City

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