Lady Gaga: A Summary

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cheek to cheek

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Gaga arriving at LAX airport. 10.10.14

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lady gaga in american horror story freak show 

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At some point you just gotta have to forget about it, forget about your ego and get on the dance floor- Kit Harington

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Doing the do with you know who

The greatest mystery of all time solved…What Neville forget to remember in that scene.

All of this is important.

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GAGAVISION No. 46: ‘The Lady is A Gaga’

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-Have you been to other concerts or is this your first concert?
-My first one.
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- Allie: Perché non mi hai scritto? Perché? Non era finita per me… ti ho aspettato per 7 anni e adesso è troppo tardi.
- Noah: Ti ho scritto 365 lettere… ti ho scritto tutti i giorni per un anno.
- Allie: Tu mi hai scritto?
- Noah: Sì… non era finita… e non è finita neanche ora…


tutto nasce da sparks

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